can of friendship

we don't use comic sans.


what even are cats

Everything about this picture is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

"You can make about 75% more money with a cat on your head than you can with a cat on your shoulder."

nobody’s gonna fuck w/ my garden

here comes the purrrrrride

"I’m writing a play about the nature of truth, and how difficult it is to convey the truth when everybody is speaking a different language. For example, the word ‘terrorist’ and the word ‘freedom fighter’ are used to refer to the exact same people at the exact same time. With everyone speaking differently, truth is almost impossible to agree upon. Yet believing in the existence of truth is the only thing that keeps us from devolving into tribal warfare. Because without the existence of truth, the person who is most powerful becomes the person who is right."

The woman in the blue coat approached me by the United Nations building yesterday, and said: ‘There is an interesting man around the corner that you should photograph. I don’t know his name, but everyday he stands directly across from the UN, and says ‘God Bless You’ to everyone who walks past. I’ve always sort of viewed him as the conscience of the world.’'Let's go together,' I said, and she agreed to bring me to where he was standing. When we finally found the man, I asked for his photo, and he cheerfully agreed. But he pointed at a nearby wall:"Let’s take the photo under that scripture," he said.

"He wants to go home."

they say he’s quite tall for his age. 

I have seen the face of evil

oh GOD, i just wanted to play sims and when I opened the game this happened to my unicorn